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AI Tinkerers Zurich - May 8

This event happened in the past.
Wednesday, May 8th
6PM to 9PM (CEST)
Clausiusstrasse 16
Zürich, Switzerland Directions...
80 / 80
94+ waitlist

This event happened in the past.

Join our global community at it’s first meetup in Zurich 🎉

🔥 Sign up now for an evening of hands-on demos and talks and connect with a community of active builders! Participate by presenting your own work in a 5-minute talk, or just share ideas with like-minded people.

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What is AI Tinkerers?

AI Tinkerers is a meetup exclusively for practitioners with technical, machine learning, and entrepreneurial backgrounds who are actively building and working with foundation models, such as large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. If you’re deeply passionate about creating LLM-enabled applications, have hands-on experience in building such systems, and want to connect with like-minded people who share your level of commitment, then this group is the perfect fit for you. With AI Tinkerers meetings happening in many cities, we support a dedicated global community.

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Who is this for?

We are not just “AI enthusiasts”, we are AI tinkerers. The core essence of AI Tinkerers is active collaboration around early-stage discovery and innovation, which requires a high degree of experimentation, vulnerability, openness to sharing challenges and learnings, and collaboration among individuals with a shared level of expertise. This unique environment allows us to embrace experimentation, foster an atmosphere of trust and innovation, and create world-changing solutions. 🌍

Read more in the FAQ.

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🎤 Demo Submissions

These will be short, casual talks. We encourage all attendees to demo what they’re working on. Talks will be limited to 5 minutes. Pitch decks are not allowed - we want to see your work in progress! Please note that capacity is limited, so we’ll prioritize those who are able to present a demo.

👉 Fill out the demo/speaker submission form here.

🕕 Event Schedule:

  • 6:00pm Doors open (⚠️ Please be on time!)
  • 6:25 Talks
  • 7:00 Break
  • 7:25 Talks
  • 8:00 Networking
  • 9:00pm Doors close

More Information

If you are new to AI Tinkerers, please read the AI Tinkerers FAQ and join our Discord channel:


The event is co-hosted by La Famiglia. The event location is provided to us by ETH Student Project House.

PLEASE RSVP AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE ☝️ - space is limited.

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